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Technology Law Column

These columns first appeared in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.

They currently run in the Law Bulletin on the second Thursday of the month, and are listed here within the following few days. They are presented here largely as submitted, and may or may not include any editorial changes.

These articles are copyrighted by the author, if you wish to distribute them further, please follow the guidelines presented here: (*)

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Who hasn't nocticed? Child Porn already illegal.

May 14, 1998
Child pornography trafficking on the Internet has not been a difficult matter to address for prosecutors, but two recent issues raise some interesting questions....

Junk e-mailers face attack on several fronts.

April 9, 1998
New legislation (Washington State), new court cases, and new technology for addressing junk e-mail.

Filtering software poses legal pitfalls.

March 12, 1998
A discussion of filtering software in light of newly proposed legislation and the Mainstream Loudoun v. Board of Trustees of the Loudoun County Public Library.

Navy Goes Overboard in Hunt for Submariner.

February 12, 1998
An article about the the Navy's attempts to sink the career of a sailor, whose private information the Navy managed to get from America Online, after some anonymous comments were made online by the sailor.

The good, bad, ugly of copyright law rewrites.

January 8, 1998
An analysis of several recent pieces of copyright legislation intended to update the copyright law for Internet technology.

Online Copyright Cases Can Simply Be Difficult.

December 11, 1997
A discussion of the Marobie-FL v. National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors case. The case involved liability for distributing copyright works via a web page, and the liability of the system operator which hosted the web page.

Authorities Target Many Webs of Fraud.

November 13, 1997
The Federal Trade Commission and other organizations have been working to crack down on fraud schemes on t Internet. This article discusses their efforts as well as the People v. Lipsitz Internet fraud case from New York.

Database providers collect court decisions.

October 9, 1997
An examinaion of he Tasini v. New York Times case, and the Playboy Entreprises v. Webbworld cases-- both of which address questions of distributor liability for electronic works.

Hidden Code Sparks High-Profile Lawsuit.

September 11, 1997
An examination of the lawsuit filed over "Meta Tags" on a web page that refer to someone else's web page.

Short-Circuit Exposes Chink in the Web

August 14 10, 1997
Information Warfare is a growth industry. This article examines the AlterNIC's "hijacking" of the InterNIC web site.

Internet Speech Cases Cinch Broad Freedom

July 10, 1997
An analysis of the recent decisions in Reno v. ACLU and ALA v. Pataki.

Internet users aim to can unwanted 'spam'

June 12, 1997
This article discusses some of the recent legislation and lawsuits intended to control unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCE) often referred to as "spam.".

Obscure Experiment on Naming Domains

May 8, 1997
A discussion of the Internet Ad-Hoc Committee's proposal for revising the domain name system, and some of the international controversy surround the proposal and its implementation.


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