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Digital Wins Suit to Block Alternate Vista.

April 10, 1997
A review of Digital Equipment Corp. v. AltaVista Technology, Inc. which held that the defendants web page constituted an unlicensed use of the AltaVista trademark, and caused confusion with Digital's serach engine web page.

Congress Scrambles to Address Encryption.

March 13, 1997
An analysis of three new bills seeking to liberalize U.S. encryption policy.

"Spam" Factory's Junk E-Mail Gets Stamped.

February 13, 1997
An analysis of the America Online v. Cyber Promotions case and the CompuServe v. Cyber Promotions case.

'Data Havens' May Protect Online Enterprises.

January 9, 1997
This article discusses recent attempts by state courts and legislatures to exert control over Internet activities.

Duke Nukem battle radiates with issues.

December 12, 1996
An analysis of the Microstar v. Formgen case.

The Millenium Bug Will Bite You.

November 14, 1996
This article discusses the "Year 2000 Problem" and some of its potential consequences.

Getting Tough on Piracy-- Without Targeting Pirates.

October 10, 1996
An examination of the Software Publishers Associations attempts to crack domn on software piracy on the Internet.

Internet Name Game Gets New Set of Rules.

September 12, 1996
This article briefly presents a brief examination of how and why domain names exist, discusses Network Solution, Inc.'s new dispute resolution policy, and mentions proposals to add new "international Top Level Domains."

Long Arm of the Law Reaches Far Into Cyberspace.

August 8, 1996
This article looks at two cases involving the implications for doing business on-line, and court jurisdiction over on-line activities.

Vigilante Copyright Enforcer Aims at Freeloaders.

July 11, 1996
This article discusses a web site that attempts to use public humiliation to compel copyright compliance. It is one example of self-help remedies that are likely to become more prevalent.

Virtual Magistrate becomes a reality, sort of.

June 13, 1996
An article about the Virtual Magistrate Project and its first released decision.

Two rulings on encryption speak different language.

May 10, 1996
A discussion of two recent cryptography case decisions--Karn v. U.S. Department of State, and Bernstein v. United States Department of State.

Phone Companies Urge F.C.C. to Disconnect Competitors

April 11, 1996
An analysis of the ACTA petition to prevent Internet Telephony.

Authors waging fight in Brave New World

March 7, 1996
A discussion of electronic distribution rights and publication rights clearinghouses.

'Shrink-Wrap' licenses don't shrink access to data

February 8, 1996
An analysis of the ProCD v. Zeidenberg cases involving the copying of data and shrink-wrap software licenses.

Knee-Jerk Reaction Not a "Healthy Thing."

January 11, 1996
A discussion of the implications raised by CompuServe's world-wide removal of 200 UseNet Newsgroups at the "request" of the German government.

Internet Case Shows Copyright Act Needs Revision

December 14, 1995
An analysis of Judge Whyte's recent decision the in the Religious Technology Center (Church of Scientology) v. Netcom case.

Task Force Develops Privacy Principles

November 9, 1995
A summary of the Information Infrastructure Task Force Privacy Working Group report.

Bill to Amend Copyright Act Needs Work

October 12, 1995
An analysis of the NII Copyright Protection Act of 1995.

Try Decoding the Latest in Munitions-Wear

September 14, 1995
Discussion of some of the law governing export of cryptographic software.

Encode, Delete, Download-- You're Busted

August 10, 1995
An analysis of the the proposed "Anti-electronic Racketeering Act" (S-974).

Computer Seizures Implicate Numerous Laws

July 13, 1995
Addresses some of the issues involved with police seizures of BBSs.

Holding the Line, On-Line, Expands Liability

June 8, 1995
Covers the recent Stratton Oakmonth v. Prodigy defamation case, and how it compares to the Cubby v. CompuServe defamation case.

Constitution Protects All Modes of Speech

May 11, 1995
Discusses terrorist materials on the Internet - what is protected speech, and what is not.

Would He Know IT When He Downloads IT?

April 13, 1995
Discusses the "Communications Decency Act" and the alternate "Child Protection, User Empowerment, and Free Expression in Interactive Media Study" Act.

Lawyers' Electronic Ads Leave Bad Taste

March 9, 1995
The Law of Spam

Trademark Attorneys Discover Cyberspace

February 9, 1995
Discusses a number of recent (as of the articles publishing date) trademark controverseys on the Internet.

Alleged Software Pirate Thwarts Prosecution

January 12, 1995
An article on the David LaMacchia case.

Senate Proposal Takes Wrong Turn on Info Highway

September 26, 1994 (Not an "official" Technology Law column)
Discussion of the Evils of Senator Exon's first Communications Decency Act.

Whose Standards? Whose Community?

August 1, 1994 (Not an "official" Technology Law column)
Discussion of the Amateur Action BBS comviction (U.S. v. Thomas).

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