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Thank you to all of the sites that have linked to/cited/carried my materials!

I know this list is incomplete, if you should be added to this list, please let me know.


A#1 Quality Award
Barbara's Best Bookmark of the Day (Nov. 10, 1995)
Editor's Choice award from LookSmart
KWD "Excellent Personal Web Page" award
"Green GAR" award
"Internet Power Site" award from Nexlook Designs
The Internet Lawyer, Law Firms Profiled on the Net, May, 1996
4-Star Magellan Site
Netwatcher's Legal Bookmark of the Week 6/5/95.
NetGuide's 4 Star Best of the Web Award
Point Communications Top 5% on the Internet (for E-Law 3.0 paper)
Telework Unlimited's Pick(s) of the Week for the week of June 13, 1996.
Web Counsel (Sponsor of the Webbernaut awards-- this page is a two-time winner of the platinum award for best small firm web page)

Access Intellectual Property Law
alt.comp.virus FAQ
Anderson & Thomas
Arizona Lawyer's Guide to the Internet
Australian Media Law Locus
Banned Newsgroup FAQ
Chan Robles and Associates Law Firm: Phillipine On-Line Legal Resources
Chicago WebGuide
College Hill Internet Consultants
Colorado Legal Alliance
Computer Privacy Digest
Cook County Circuit Court
Copyright Clearance Center
Counsel Quest
The Cyberlaw Encyclopedia
Cyber Rights Homepage
CyberSpace Law Center
The Cyberspace Lawyer
Damon, Key, Bocken, Leong & Kupchak
Database Designs, Ltd.
Jack Decker
Digital Librarian
Discount Long Distance Digest (Vol. 67)
EII Net Galaxy (From TradeWave)
E Law: Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Electronic Legal Source
Electronic Publishing Newspage
Emory Law Library
Entertainment Law Resource Center
FinanceHub (InterSoft Solutions)
Ken Frickla
Global LawNet
Heinrich Heine Universitat, Dusseldorf (NetLaw Library)
HotWired (4.03)
Housernet's Directory of home pages
Illinois Technology Resource Center
Indiana Civil Liberties Union
Infringatek, Inc.
InkSpot: Resources for Writers
Institute for Information Technology Outsourcing
International Entertainment & Multimedia Law & Business Network
International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)
Internet Entrepreneurs Support Association
The Internet Law Resource (Miguel C. Danielson)
JURIX: Internet Tutorial Bookmarks
Phil Karn's web page
Lair: Legal Automation and Internet Review
Leepfrog Technologies
Lexis Counsel Connect
Hill & Associates
Marcus, Steer & Freibrun
Medill School of Journalism
Thomas L. Moses's Intellectual Property Web Page
M.V.P. Solution's Talker Page
National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis
NetLaw Austria
Net Watchers
New Jersey Law Network
New Riders' Official World Wide Web Yellow Pages
John O'Malley
Osgoode Hall Law School
Netnik, Inc. Virtual Mall
Goran Oberg
P-Law Resource Locator (Kenneth Perry)
Point Communications
Professionals Online
Raptor's Internet Security Library
Haran Rashes
Haim Ravia Law Offices
Professor David Sorkin
SUNY at Buffalo Department of Computer Science
Telecom Info Resources collected by Jeff MacKie-Mason
Tony Safina (Infobroker)
The Securities Law Home Page
U.S. House of Representatitves Internet Law Library: Computers & the Law
University of Cambridge Faculty of Law page
Voice of the Shuttle: Web Page for Humanities Research
VON (Voice On the Network) Web Page
WashLaw web
Web Counsel (Sponsor of the Webbernaut awards-- this page is a two-time winner of the platinum award for best small firm web page)
Carol Woodbury
The WWW Virtual Library - Law Yahoo (for some reason, listed under "Entertainment: People"

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