Misc. Links

These resources are subjectively picked as being good places to find information. If you also happen to find this a useful list, then we're both happy. If there is a resource so valuable that you think it is really a glaring omission to not have it listed, please e-mail me and tell me what it is. This list of resources is not intended to be all-inclusive.
* AT&T 800 Number Directory
* CIA World Factbook
* City Net-- "the most comprehensive guide to communities around the world" (according to City Net)
* Chicagoland Expresway Congestion Map
* Currency Converter
* Databases for finding WWW sites/documents: Altavista, Lycos Google, and Inktomi key-word search engines, Yahoo categorical listings, and a page full of assorted search tools
* The Dilbert Zone
* University of Michigan Documents Center (includes "Documents in the News" Section)
* The Introducing the Dvorak Keyboard
* Electronic Texts on the Internet
* FedEx, Airborne Express, DHL and UPS Package Tracking
* Clearinghouse of Subject Oriented Internet Resource Guides (U. of M.)
* Financial Information Resources
* MapQuest (and TripQuest)
* Real-time Airplane tracking
* Maps and References from the Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research
* The Internet Movie Database
* U.S. Postal Service Information (ZIP code finder, ZIP+4, postal rates, etc.)
* Internet Public Library
* Research-It!
* The Stalker's Home Page
* Statistics from 70 federal agencies, courtesy of the Federal Interagency Council on Statistical Policy.
* Stock Quotes from Security APL.
* Weather Forecasts (Lighthouse Weather server) and Chicago-area weather info
* The Why Files
* Switchboard telephone directories

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